Turning Real Estate into a Strategic Advantage

Real Estate is a significant running cost to your business so any work that you do to optimize it will benefit your company.

The strength of Monarch Eurasia is our ability to combine knowledge and experience in the strategic, technical and financial aspects, as well as the people to provide solutions to your specific real estate challenges.

Attentive to your unique organizational, managerial, financial, technical and human resources challenges, we deliver solutions that better fit your needs.

  • Focused on adding value
  • Unconventional thinking
  • Superior market knowledge
  • Dedicated team approach
  • Executing complexity
  • Performance driven
  • Unique collaborative culture

Company Overview

We chose to name our company after the Monarch butterfly, a seemingly fragile species that nevertheless conquered the world by its transformation and adaptation capabilities ... when others disappeared.

Our logo takes its inspiration from the butterfly effect, when a small initial action creates reactions leading to a series of positive consequences. The endless chains of reactions initiated are illustrated by two moĢˆbius interlaced.

Part of our business strategy is to think outside the box and bring the constructive analysis that will lead our clients to develop their project in ways they would not have imagined at first. We strive to see a problem raised by an environment or a customer as the perfect opportunity to put the butterfly effect into play.

About the Founder

William H. Stott has held top management positions for the last 25 years in Europe, Africa and Asia. He has a deep experience and knowledge of international Real Estate, Hotel Management, Facilities Management and Project Management as he drove numerous large scale projects globally, some of which are Landmarks.

Our Team

Our team draws on a wide business experience together with an in-depth real estate expertise to propose a holistic approach, integrating new trends in workplace strategy, organizational trends in the markets, to positioning your real estate portfolio for maximum operational and cost efficiency.

Teams are comprised of consultants with both Client and service provider experience and knowledge.

Our Clients repeatedly tell us that the motivated, competent and hands-on involvement of Monarch Eurasia experts make all the difference.

William stott William Stott Managing Partner
Zhanat almatova Zhanat Almatova Project Manager
Jacques chahine Jacques Chahine Lead Designer
Sultan assipov Sultan Assipov Real Estate Consultant
Yeldos aukhadiyev Yeldos Aukhadiyev Designer
Rakhat issakhanov Rakhat Issakhanov Designer
Zamira yussupova Zamira Yussupova Accountant
Assem nurymbayeva Assem Nurymbayeva Architect
Assel andirova Assel Andirova Consultant
Malika yechshan Malika Yechshan Junior Consultant

Our Projects

Building value for our clients:

Professional services (American)
Tenant Representation.
Cosmetics direct sales (American)
Tenant Representation. Workplace Occupancy Study.
Management consulting (American)
Workspace and Design. Project Management.
Healthcare (French)
Workspace and Design. Project Management.
Retailer (French)
Tenant Representation.
Oil&Gas (French)
Tenant Representation. Workspace and Design. Project Management.
Personal care (German)
Workspace and Design. Project Management.
Oil&Gas (Japanese)
Tenant Representation. Workspace and Design. Project Management.
Copper mining (Kazakhstani)
Facilities Management Consultancy. Building assessment. Occupancy optimization.
5 star Hotel (Kazakhstani/American)
Interior Design. Project Management.
Real Estate developers (Kazakhstani)
Market Study. Landlord Representation. Building Assessment.
Nutrition, health and wellness (Swiss)
Office Market Study. Tenant Representation.

Our Values

  • An incomparable combination of integrated skills
  • Going beyond preconceived notions by providing unique tailor-made solutions
  • Expertise and independence in the real estate market
  • Free from any conflict of interest
  • A commitment to results
  • The interest of the client is the main purpose in the definition and implementation of guidelines
  • Performance-based remuneration
  • Taking into account the specific features of each project
  • A guaranteed tailor-made response
  • Quality expertise coupled with constant search for innovation