Optimizing Cost

Because real estate is the second largest recurring cost after salaries, optimizing it to support your business strategy should be a key source of economies.

Some key tools Monarch Eurasia uses include:

  • Optimize your use of floor space
  • Consolidate your locations to streamline logistics
  • Create a location that fits your needs, even if you're only renting
  • Take a fresh look at your work environment
  • Negotiate for flexibility with regard to your space and sub-letting

Turning Projects to Success

Any business restructuring such as M&As, outsourcing and strategic changes can lead to tremendous challenges and impact your company's real estate in the short and long term. Getting good advice at these crucial junctures is essential and may vary depending on your issue:

  • Group your locations together and streamline your real estate during merges and acquisitions
  • When restructuring your business, make your workspace more efficient
  • Symbolize the renewal of your company image

Whatever the situation you're facing, Monarch Eurasia helps you in the change management process. In order to support your employees as best as possible, we analyse their needs, as well as their potential reluctances.

Attract and Retain Talents

A company's workspace is a unifying element in terms of image. Creating a good perception of your location for your current and future employees has an impact on your recruitment strategy:

  • Create a company showcase to attract talents
  • Choose a location that matches your employees' needs and will help you maintain labour pool
  • Ensure the peaceful coexistence of different generations within your company

Developing a Sustainability Strategy

Sustainable development - a combination of economic development, social well being and environmental protection - can cause major challenges for businesses, the community and the individual.

A project that focuses on sustainable development from the outset will provide an optimal return on investment throughout the lifecycle of the building, which is in your interest and that of the owner.

Monarch Eurasia helps you integrate environmental responsibility into your real estate project in various forms and at every step of the process: good choice of construction contractors and type of building to lease, work phases, moving logistics, training employees to adopt new behaviours, etc.

  • Your building's envelope
  • How you occupy your premises
  • The everyday operation of your building
  • Travel time of your employees